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Economic Development Organizations & The Startup Credit

The typical company being served by an E.

Startup Companies & The R&D Tax Credit - The PATH Act of 2015

On Friday, December 18th 2015, the "Prot.

What is a "Small Business" Under the PATH Act?

Under the PATH Act of 2015 a "Small Bus.

Startup Companies, What Are They?

A Startup Company that would qualify for.

How is the Startup & Innovation Act Utilized?

The Startup & Innovation Act can be util.

Can an LLC Claim the R&D Tax Credit?

An LLC is treated like a sole proprietor.

The R&D Tax Credit Sales, Production & Payment Timeline

The R&D Tax Credit is one of the most va.

What is a QRE?

A QRE is a "Qualified Research Expenditu.

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